Advanced Paddle Module clutch not working

Daniel WelzelDaniel Welzel Member
edited October 2022 in iRacing

I just got the APM installed on my Formula V2.5. I switched the middle knob to mode A (clutch bite point) but iRacing is not recognizing any input of the bottom left and right paddles it seems. It also does recognize anything if I switch it to mode B (clutch / handbrake). Mode C and D work with iRacing but are not useful for me.

This seems like one of the most simple setup issues that I have not found an answer for anywhere. I have no clutch pedal (but that should not be of concern, right?). I have tried to switch the clutch mode to anti-stall or "none" in iRacing but the issue is that the control setup wizard simply wont recognize any input fromthe bottom paddles if in mode A or B. All drivers and firmware are up to date. What am I doing wrong?


I figured it out. I had the wheelbase set to compabitility mode instead of PC mode.

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