Fanatec Wheelbases causing freezing in GT7 with PS4 since update 1.26

When update 1.26 rolled up, I started experiencing freezing when playing GT7 in Sport mode. It was pretty bad, I would freeze for 1.5 to 2 seconds, then the game would continue. This was causing me to lose positions against other people, specially in races with 10+ laps as I would experience multiple freezes per race and lose 3 to 6 positions per race.

Speaking with other people on this issue on reddit, I learned that this was mainly a PS4 problem, with further discussion, people believed this was a hardware limitation problem, PS4 being inferior to PS5. Some proposed that maybe my internet connection was the issue, or that the read/write speeds of the HDD in my PS4 was lagging behind. One guy even said the problem was me using a fanatec wheel base as his research into the problem made him realise that everyone having the problem had fanatec wheels, which I ignored outright as ridiculous.

I ordered an SSD hoping this would fix it, fresh install of the PS4 firmware and fresh GT7 install, problem still persisted, connected my PS4 with Lan to my router instead of Wifi, upgraded my internet plan with a 1 Gbps plan, speed test on PS4 showed roughly a 400 Mbps Up and Down, problem was still there.

Gave up and started just playing offline, freezing problem was also occurring in offline races against AI, started getting frustrated. Update 1.27 rolls up, did not fix the problem.

A couple of days ago I joined the GTPlanet forum to discuss the freezing problem, many people there also having the issue and getting very frustrated with this and radio silence from Sony/Polyphony Digital. After talking with one person from the forum, I discovered that he also had a Fanatec wheelbase, this made me remember the dude at reddit mentioning this freeze was being caused by Fanatec hardware.

This morning I booted the PS4 with my Fanatec Wheelbase disconnected, played GT7 for 1 hr with my controller and not one single freeze.............. turned on the PC in the hopes that there would be new firmware for the Fanatec Wheelbases, perhaps all I needed was a firmware update to resolve this issue so I could get back to racing online, no firmware updates are available.

So I am writing here in the hopes that Fanatec has a landline to Polyphony Digital and they can check this freezing bug to see if it is from Fanatec firmware or from Polyphony Digital doing a bad update. Though my 2 cents is on the side of Polyphony Digital screwing up, since GT7 was working fine with Fanatec wheelbases with update 1.25 and before on the PS4.

Maybe some conflict with the Playstation chip in the wheelbase lagging behind in communication? I don't know, I'm not a software or hardware engineer, just speculating.

I am using the DD GT wheelbase with 8Nm bundle + CSL Elite Pedals V2 + 7 speed shifter + handbrake.


  • Same exact problem I've been having for 3 weeks. Using fanatec podium dd1 ps4. You said it best. 👏

  • Maybe we can get led I n the right direction

  • Same here, online and offline! PS4 pro with SSD and Fanatec DD pro.

  • I too have been experiencing this freezing issue with GT7 update 1.26 and 1.27 and never before.

    Hardware: PS4 Pro and Fanatec GT DD Pro

    I only race offline and have experienced the issue on several different races. Every Watkins Glenn WTC 800 race, in particular, will freeze on me at least once. The issue does not seem to occur when playing with a controller.

  • Same for me with CSL Elite ... reinstalled PS4 slim changed SSD ... nothing helps.

    We are not alone

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    same here, and i'm quite lucky i found this thread as i was already blaming my DriveHub for the freeze!

    i just upgraded my simracing-eqipment: i now have a DD2 wheelbase, mclaren rim, clubsport v3 pedals and the DriveHub to make it work with my PS4 pro. and it's freezing from time to time for 500 ~ 2000 ms.

    i didn't face this issue when i was using my "Logitech Driving Force GT" from 2008 together with my CronusMax in "PS4 Wheel Mode" !!

    edit: unfortunatly it seems to be the combination of fanatec and the latest update, always

  • Same problem here. I'm using a PS4 pro with a GT DD Pro 8Nm.

    I bought the game just before update 1.26 so I can't tell if the problem started then but what was really strange to me is that none of my friends had this problem, all of them also using a PS4.

    Just today I saw that video that points on the fanatec wheels direction and yes, none of my friends use fanatec wheels so... it really seems that's the reason.

    Didn't they add a new configuration option in the game for the DD Pro so you can assign the special buttons of the wheel? It was in one of this latest updates, don't know if this might be related with the issue

  • Purtroppo siamo in molti con questo problema.

    Utilizzo ps4 slim con GT DD Pro, alcuni amici utilizzano ps4 pro sia con ssd che hard disk standard e CSL Elite, hanno lo stesso problema. Qualche raro caso con Thrustmaster T300.

    Se provate a guardare un replay al momento del freeze l'auto mette la retromarcia e torna indietro poi tutto torna normale.

    Dall'aggiornamento 1.26 è diventato impossibile giocare con GT7

  • I have the same issue since GT7 Update 1.26.

    PS4 (regular) with SSD, Fanatec DD Pro 8 Nm.

  • I have been asking around GtPlanet and r/granturismo and as far as I can tell, most freezing and stuttering is happening with PS4 + Fanatec owners.

    I did receive a reply from one person who has the occasional rare freeze while playing with a controller and a PS4. Also another individual who also has freezing on a PS5. So now I'm not sure if it is Fanatec gear that is causing the freezing on GT7 or if there is a fundamental issue with GT7 and Fanatec gear just amplifies that bug/issue, like it really amplifies it.

    I don't know if Fanatec staff read this forum, but I hope there has been talks between Fanatec and Polyphony Digital and they are working on this bug.

    There has been radio silence from both companies, which is really frustrating.

  • I am also having this same issue. I've tested it, it only seems to happen when using the wheel. I am also using a GT DD Pro. Is there a way to inform either Fanatec and/or Polyphony?

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    The same freezing issue here several times both on and offline. Like everyone else offline the AI also freeze but online you drop back each and every time it happens. However, I've just swapped back from my ClubSport Universal Hub V2 with an R300 to the McLaren GT3 V2 and it's not been happening. Maybe coincide but had three races, 1 online, 2 offline (all 10 laps), and zero issues.

    Console PS4pro

  • Forget that last comment. I think it was a coincidence. Just began locking up using the McLaren wheel on the original DD Hub as well 🙄

  • Same problem, I'm using ps4 with Fanatec GT DD pro

  • Bonjour, je rencontre le même probleme depuis une semaine, le volant se fige et l'image aussi, du coup je perds toutes mes progressions dans les dailys sur GT 7, c'est très frustrant, il faut que Fanatec remonte le probleme. Je joue avec un GT DD pro en 8 nm.

  • Une honte , tu as achetes des volants entre 500e et +1000e, pour que des freeze nous empeche de jouer correctement.

    5 a 6 freeze dans ma course de hier soir.

  • Je voulais savoir si le driver 448 reglera ce probleme de freeze ?

  • I have the same problem, PS4 Pro + CSL ELite. It is impossible to play GT7. I have tried the beta 448 drivers and they do not solve the problem.

    The freezing problem does not only happen in sport mode, it also happens in time trials, custom races, etc.

    I have formatted the play from scratch, changed the hard drive, installed the game again and it has not solved the problem.

    Are there any suggestions to mitigate the problem?

  • I'm still monitoring the situation, I have received mentions on r/granturismo and GTPlanet forum, of people who don't have any fanatec gear but also experience some freezes, apparently they are using a controller. There have been also a few people experiencing the freezes with a PS5.

    These past few days I haven't experienced any freezes anymore, and so yesterday I played in Sport mode for the first time in two weeks, I joined the Manufacturer's Race, did two races of 18 laps each, plus qualifying, plus practice laps. Did not experience a single freeze. After that I did a regular race at Circuit de la Sarthe, the 700pp challenge, 30 minute race. Also completely fine.

    The only thing I did was upgrade my internet package and change internet service provider. I switched from a 600 Mbps up and down plan, that had a speed test on my PS4 of 260 Mbps down and 65 Mbps up, to a 1 Gbps plan with a speed test on my PS4 of 400 Mbps down and 430 Mbps up. Both were fiber optic plans.

    I know that GT7, just like GT Sport, saves our profile, data, game accomplishments in the Polyphony or Sony Playstation cloud, servers. But the freezing happens randomly, could it be happening from Polyphony or Sony Playstation doing constant random anti cheat checks on our system?

    For example, Sony server does a checkup to see if we are cheating at GT7, takes a second to see if everything is OK, during that time, the game waits for a response from the server to let us proceed with our game-play and so it freezes waiting for an OK from the server.

    I also heard the number of GT7 players have dropped, which could make the above speculation plausible, less traffic running through the servers, means a faster communication between the anti cheat servers and our Playstation 4 or 5, meaning a smoother game.

    Anyways, still nothing from Fanatec or Sony or Polyphony, radio silence from those three.

  • I have a PS4, GT DD PRO, 8nm PS, Pedals with the load cell upgrade brake. Experiencing the freezing during online play in GT7. I loose 2 seconds and go from P1 to P6.

  • Looking at the comments, looks like a PS4 problem??????

  • I have exact same problem, Got DD pro, and saw another guy during a race, messaged him and he had exact same combination.

    I think it's clear it's not a PS4 problem. The combination itself is the problem. So either Fanatec, or Polyphony together with Fanatec should solve this together.

    It has become pretty unplayable. I only got the console for this, has nothing else installed on it and it's freezing for more than a second, 3-4 times during an online race, I find myself ghosted right on the belly of other cars.

  • Same here. In Gt7.,!

  • Same here. GT DD Pro and PS4 Pro, and game freezes several times during a race. I also have a PS5 and no issues

  • Same here.....I changed from T300 to DD Pro with V3 Pedal Set......Brand New Set from Black Friday Weekend I have Freezes in longer Liga Races and GT7 Dailys .......some of them are 2 Seconds or more .......and i don't feel any FFB in ACC Ps4.......any Solutions here

  • There doesn't seem to be any solutions as there has been silence from both Polyphony and Fanatec. This issue was first noticed at the middle or end of November 2022.

    For a week, the problem disappeared for me, but it has returned, and it is happening about once or twice per race.

    There also has been no news about a future update, but even if there is an announcement of an 1.28 update, i doubt there will be a fix for this issue due to the silence from both companies.

    What I have noticed is that the online players for GT7 seem to have dropped, it seems people went back to GT Sport, or switched to other racing sims. It seems like GT7 will die soon.

  • Polyphony Digital has put out a statement in their January update recognising the freezing issue with the fanatec gear, expect a fix to happen in a future update.

    Apparently there has also been issues when using Logitech g920 with a PS4 GT7 game on a PS5 system.

  • I've got freezing issues with my PS5 and mt GT DD Pro, for reference last night went back on GT Sport to test out my gear to see if it's a hardware issue, but had no problems whatsoever, Laguna Seca on GT7 absolute nightmare - gears freezing also not very responsive when changing, GT Sport same track spot on smooth crust gear changes no freezing! Makes no sense.

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