DD pro 8mn. FFB bug, randomly a lot stronger.


i havent seen a thread on the subject even tough i know i'm not the only one with the bug since a friend with the same wheel gets it too.

so randomly, the FFB will be a lot stronger / heavier. can be anytime during the race, if you restart the race it's always back to normal, but in a middle of a multiplayer race , and i enjoy endurance racing, you have to deal with it until the end.

i'm already at 100% on a 8mn but still feels a lot heavier. it's like if powersteering broke in the car.

i'm guessing it's a bug from gt7 not hardware related but anyone has found a quickfix for it?


  • Similar issue here however I find if your in a lobby when you leave the pit sometimes the FFB is really strong but then if you pit and go back to the track it goes back to normal.

    whats annoying is when it happens when the race starts as there is nothing you can do about it!

  • When it happens during race in GT7, try Option button then hit Continue and return to race to see if force goes back to normal.

    Try getting your FW (both wheel and drive) are up-to-date. I've experienced similar issue where FFB randomly got stronger between races in GT7, but haven't really noticed it lately since I applied the most recent FW updates (knock on wood). Only FW update I have Not applied is V3 pedals, where there's "suspected" brake delay in game.

    Good luck! Share with us if you find a solution also.

  • ho i feel stupid. i bought the dd back in april, downloaded the fanatec 339, plugged it in my computer once in a while to check for updates but never had any. realised this weekend your supposed to update the program manually.... so updated everything with 447 and no issue's so far.

  • Hi,

    You are not alone with this issue.

    My DDPRO firmware are up to date since august 22.

    And I Still have this issue. May be less since GT7 update 1.27. But I also play less.

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