Fanatec Support and V3 spare loadcell

Hello everyone,

im only writing this here because its urgent and i wasnt able to get any answer from fanatec yet, while trying different ways to contact them.

Last friday my loadcell of my V3 pedals broke again, after not even being half a year in use. This is already the second time this happened to me.

I wrote a support ticket on saturday. After i pressed send nothing really happened so i thought the ticket might not have gone through. So i wrote the whole thing again and send it another time, just to make sure.

Usually you get an automated response to your email address that your support request has been received. But i didnt get anything. Because i didnt want to potentially spam their support queue with tickets i controlled myself to wait for monday and ask during their live chat hours if they received my ticket(s).

Today i tried to contact the customer support via live chat at least four times even in different languages and selecting different topics. After a brief waiting time the chat window always just closed. After this disappointment i wrote an direct email to the email address that contacted me when i had my loadcell replaced the first time. Also here no answer for now.

I wouldnt really stress that much about if i wouldnt have an important race event coming up, where i need my pedals. This also wouldnt be an issue if i just could purchase a spare loadcell myself like with the other pedals fanatecs offers. But NO you can only get a V3 loadcell if you contact the support.

So how do i know if my support ticket was received if i dont get an automated response and the customer support is ghosting me?


  • I'm sure every support varies, but for reference, I received automated email response within 5min of my support ticket from "[email protected]", followed by Support team email the next business day. My support request was for V3 also, which was resolved (little over 2weeks for RMA and return, in USA).

    Below is the automated email I received from webshop. Good luck.

    "Thank you for your support request.

    A support agent will get back to you within seven days.

    If you have any further details to add to this ticket, please REPLY to this message without changing the subject. We kindly ask you do not open a second support ticket for the same issue. This will only delay the support process."

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