DD2 Wheelbase won't Detect Podium and ClubSport universal hub

Hello All, My DD2 is having issues recognizing my Podium hub and my Clubsport Universal hub. It will recognize my Mclaren GT3 wheel and my ClubSport Formula V2 wheel. I'm running the 447 drivers on my pc and all wheels had the latest firmware. The wheelbase would recognize the wheels sporadically but, now won't recognize them no matter how many times I try. I have tried the following solution with no luck!


  1. uninstall your current driver
  2. install the 336 driver
  3. start the base by holding down the power button for 10seconds, this will force a firmware update
  4. after that the base should be working normally, just with older firmware
  5. install driver 447 from the website or 448 beta from the forum
  6. flash firmware through the automatic process

Any help would be appreciated


  • That's a hardware issue and you need to contact the support to get the base repaired

  • Quite a common issue. See this thread Podium Hub not working on Podium Racing Wheel F1 — Fanatec Forum

    My DD2 could not be repaired and they sent me a brand new base.

  • Is your DD2 new? Did it worked well with Podium hub and Clubsport Universal hub before and just has problem with new driver 447?

  • Reading these post makes me feel more & more pessimistic about the DD2 I just ordered.

    I’ve owned a DD1 since 4/2020 but, within the last year I’ve been getting random podium hub disconnects while driving in sim. Mostly while turning.

    I have 4 wheels with podium hubs. 2 of them have consistent disconnects, 1 disconnected once since owning it for a little over a month now and the 4th has been rock solid with no disconnects.

    It sounds to me like I might have a faulty DD1 after reading a bunch of post online.

    I plan on RMAing it as soon as I get the DD2. I just don’t want to be left without a wheel base for too long (1st world problems, I know).

    I really, really , really don’t want to switch to a whole new ecosystem which is why I opted for a DD2. I thought about this for a while.

    If this DD2 fails prematurely as well, then I will most likely be switching brands. *sigh*

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