Any advice?

Hello! I would like to get some advice from you. I have PS5 (I know its not the best

option) and I want to buy complete setup from fanatec. Maybe you can suggest something else? 

Is there something what is not compatible with PS5 or with eachother? 

Thanks for your response.

* DD Pro base

* CSL Elite Pedals V2

* CSL Elite Steering wheel WRC

* McLaren GT3 V2 wheel

* ClubSport Handbrake V1.5 - will it work correctly with PS5 and with this setup?

Any suggestions?


  • Howdy! I have a PS5 and play GT7, AC, ACC, Dirt Rally 2.0, and f1 2022. I had a Logitech g29 for a few years and just upgraded to a full Fanatec setup:

    DD Pro Base- coming from a G29, the DD pro has more than enough FFB for me. I recommend starting with this, then maybe selling it later if you end up wanting more FFB. You'll be able to sell it for nearly as much as you bought it on eBAY.

    ClubSport RS Wheel- if you can afford this wheel, I HIGHLY recommend it over the elite wheel mainly because its real leather and has magnetic shifters.

    ClubSport Pedals V3- these are awesome, but the CSL Elite V2's are highly recommended by many simracing channels also. If your budget is tight, I'd save $100 on the CSL V2's and put that toward a ClubSport RS wheel.

    ClubSport Shifter- if you love manual transmission or drifting or both, get this.

    ClubSport Handbrake- works perfectly, but positioning on your setup is key because the 3.5mm wire that plugs into the bottom is so ANNOYINGLY in the way...I've bent it with my thigh on a few occasions. So plan out carefully where its going to go. I just ordered a 90 degree adapter and a plastic protector off ebay.

    I can confirm that everything works perfectly with the PS5. When PSVR2 comes out next month, GT7 is going to be amazing!

    Hope this helps!

  • Thanks for this detailed information.

    About handbrake - with PS5 - if you pull hanbbrake, its working on/off or its progressive (I think its correct word but you probably understand what I mean) ?

  • Handbrake is analog - vairable output with pull angle.

    Agree the Clubsport RS wheel is a better choice then WRC, as it has the analog joystick which is nice for left/right looks in GT7.

    Have a DDpro 8 very happy so far. Love my CSP v3 inverted pedals, but that’s a step up in cost

    Formula V2.5 also really great wheel. Better choice than the maclaren IMO, which note does NOT have the PS R2 button emulated which is an issue in F1 series. But if you go that way get the metal QR1 which is a much better release option

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