Sifter and hand break not working together

I have there shifter and hand break and the usb adapter 2 of them and my pc only comes up with one on software and pc


  • Update to newest driver 449 to support more than one USB Adapter.

  • i have my shifter attached to my handbrake... now i cant switch from 8 manual to sequential... why would you make it attachable but not working together

  • I have purchased the V1.5 handbrake for my fanatec set up

    I am using a Clubsport 2.5 wheelbase which has no socket for the handbrake to plug into

    The handbrake came with the square splitter box to plug the pedals and handbrake into, and then the splitter box plugs into the wheel base. However, it is only the pedals that work

    The handbrake seems to work intermittently

    Any ideas anyone?

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