GT7 Podium Button Module Endurance

Does anyone know if there is a way to enable the knobs on the PBME on GT7? I Hate having to grab a controller when I want to change fuel mapping or brake bias. Wheel base is GT DD Pro


  • the toggle switches are active in GT7, but not the knobs. You can change hud panel w left and setting value w right. That’s it

  • On mine it doesnt seem to let me do that. =(

  • are you in Blue PS5 native mode on the base? Selected DDPro wheel in game controllers? They always just worked. Also the funky switch can be set to change those as well by assinging MFD +/- and up/down to it

  • Neil ReubenNeil Reuben Member
    edited March 2023

    Also on the lastest drivers? - saw a post that as of 410 PS4toggles were fixed so earlier may have been an issue

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