Nascar Heat 5 / GT DD Pro 8nm settings.

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I'm new to sim racing. purchased Fanatec in late January. So I'm not expert. but I found after trial and error these settings to work for me.

I didn't see any post related to Nascar Heat 5. And after researching the settings for GT7 to give myself a starting point. thank you to Maurice, and Robert. I used there recommend settings. Then I dialed in these settings from adjustments i made based on my personal preferences.

These are the settings I use for Nascar Heat 5

These settings are not official Fanatec settings. ( but for Nascar Heat 5. Fanatec has no official settings. Which is odd because I bought my Fanatec products because of the Nascar 5 in game advertisement Fanatec runs )

another note: I think the most important setting are the in game car/track settings. But the Fanatec wheel settings do make a difference.

I use a GT DD Pro 8nm with the Clubsport universal hub 2.5 And a RS 330 wheel.

SEN -360 -

I notice less play in steering wheel at 360. In GT7, I set this to AUT.

FFB -100 -


NDP -40



INT -11

FEI -100-

FOR -120 -

This setting is a preference setting. either this setting or DPR gives the wheel a heavier feeling. And in Nascar a heavier wheel feels right to me. I like it anywhere from 90-120. 120 with Nascar. i keep it at 90 with GT7

SPR -30 -

This setting to me makes a big difference. I also like it at OFF. When set to OFF I get resistance in the wheel from the direction i'm turning into. When set anywhere above off, 10-100 I get resistance in the wheel from the center point of my steering axis. and the intensitity of that force is related to how high i set the number. This setting is difficult to explain. To me it feels related to the center spring effect on the in game settings. i think this is a personal preference setting. On GT7 I keep SPR above 30.

DPR -120-

This setting, or FOR, or both, give my wheel a heavier feeling. I like that with Nascar

BRK -70

This setting determines how hard you need to press the break pedal to reach full breaking force.

In game settings:


  • Settings marked with a ** Make a big difference in how your wheel feels.


Effect Strength - 35% **

Centering spring - off **


Steering - off


Steering range - 35% **

steering sensitivity - 30%

Brake sensitivity - 70%

Throttle sensitivity - 45%

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