Switching between PS5/PC

Lately I have been using my Podium DD on both my PS5 and PC more often. This requires my to keep disconnecting and connection both these devices a lot.

The USB connections on my PC are not really easy accessibly. As a result I have been using 2 cables, 1 plugged into the PC and one in the PC and disconnecting the USB A from the wheel base all the time.

This also is not an ideal solution and it also has me worried about the wear on the ASB A connection on the wheel base. This worry of course would similar when I use one cable attached to the wheelbase and constantly disconnect/connect the PS5/PC.

Does anyone know if using an USB (A) splitter or hub might allow me to be able to leave everything plugged in?

Not even sure if this exists, so any other suggestion are more than welcome.



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