CSR Elite pedal sets

Hello. I am hoping to gain some knowledge in regards to setting up pedals with new functioning electronics.

I have 3 sets of these pedals and they are all plagued by the same issue. The pedals lose resolution and the throttle/clutch will only show 70-80% when fully depressed. Some of my pedals have issues with showing constant brake pressure (even after changing out the load cell). Anyhow, I have purchased new PCB boards from Fanatec in the past as I was told this is the at fault component. Due to the age of these pedal sets, you can no longer acquire parts for them.

Being that I am unable to purchase new pedals at this time, I would like to figure out how to wire them up using DIY methods (Arduino Leonardo, HALL sensors, etc.) This is probably not a straight-forward simple answer. Anyone willing to share some insight would be greatly appreciated.



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