Clutch not working in GT7 / PS5


i've the situation that in GranTourismo7 (SR1.30) with Podium F1 and Clubsport pedals the clutch isn't working. Clutch-calibration under controller options is working well and is present. In the game on several cars the clutch isn't working. Someone any ideas?


  • Podium F1 Wheelbase
  • Clubsport V3 pedals
  • 1.5 Shifter
  • Handbrake
  • PS5 with GranTourismo7 (SR1.30)

Best regards



  • whether by design or error, some cars with a custom racing transmission seem to have an auto clutch - pedal has no effect. Other cars stock or custom manual trans clutch works as expected. This is a game issue not a wheel/pedals issue. Equip a car w one and you’ll see doesn’t go to neutral or stall when stopped

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