CSL Elite v2 pedals not going to ZERO on gas part way through a race

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I have the two pedal CSL elite V2 pedals, I believe. Throttle and brake. They are about a year old. My son upgraded to V3 pedals and he gave me this set.

My first question is where I find the serial number for these pedals?

My second question is the problem. The past number of races part way through the race my throttle pedal begins not going to ZERO when I let off the throttle. I let off the throttle completely and there is still throttle. It’s killing my racing of course, lol 😂 any help would be appreciated! If I watch the throttle with my foot off it various as to how much it’s still on throttle. Varying amounts but smaller amounts of course.


  • Try cleaning the back where the hall sensors are.

    Is it possible they are the CSL Elite V1? This is usually a problem affecting the potentiometers. In this case, you can temporarily fix it with electrical contact spray. Then you will have to replace the potentiometers, or disassemble them, clean them and redraw the contacts with a soft pencil.

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    I think these maybe the CSL Elite pedals (two pedals). That’s why I’m looking for the SN or the product ID. I’m not too familiar with how the pedals work. Are there any diagrams show the hall sensors?


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