Gran Turismo DD Pro (8nm) Suddenly no Force Feedback in Gran Turismo 7

I've been using my Gran Turismo DD Pro (8nm) bundle with Gran Turismo 7 for several weeks and everything has been great.

Suddenly today, there's no force feedback at all. I can drive on grass or into a wall no FF. I tried rebooting the PS5 and nothing changed.

FF works fine on my PC.

I upgraded the firmware but the problem is still there.


  • Tae YooTae Yoo Member

    Hi Ali, I don't know for sure if this will work, but try going into GT7 Setting, go to Network then clear cache. I noticed that when I clear the cache, my DD Pro suddenly goes light as if it resets itself. I doubt this will fix your problem, but it doesn't cost anything to try it. Good luck.

  • Hi Tae, I tried it but it didn't change anything.

  • Tae YooTae Yoo Member

    Hi Ali, I'm sorry to hear it didn't work. I have same DD (8nm), in GT7, and using driver 447 and never experienced 0% force drop. I have issues where FFB is different between PS accounts and when I boot up PS for the day then FFB goes from weak to normal.

    Just to double check. In GT7, you get 0% force? or just feels weak?

    Only other thing you can try (i'm sure you've done it already) is to see if 5nm power brick has same issue. I doubt this is it since you said it works OK in PC but not in PS, but process of elimination. Another thing you can try is to use different PS account. There's PS Accessories Controller Force setting in main PS, where it can affect strength of wheel in GT7.. So maybe you can see if no force is consistent between 2 diff accounts.

    Good luck, let us know if you do find a root-cause.

  • Hi Tae, I just realized this happens when I have assist braking + steering turned on. Without assist there IS force feedback but seems diminished somehow. Can't be 100% sure one way or another.

    I don't have a 5nm power brick to test with.

    Take care!

  • Don't know, if this is still actual question since May.

    Had same trouble. Problem is in wheel connection in to the wheel base. You need to release clamp, and stuck this silver (aluminium) "adapter" (it has mini USB inside wheel base) to the end. It has a dumb tendency to come out over time. The reason is strong vibration, as well as you bend the wheel not along the axis, but inward or outward when turning the wheel.

  • Just make sure, that it has right position, when you are going to tight it back.

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