Anyone beta test F1 2023 with Fanatec Hardware?

I’m wondering how it went.


  • Everyone who did has signed an NDA and would not be allowed to talk about the test ;)

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    Ah I see. Hopefully there will be no issues. If anyone notices a reviewer using Fanatec on YouTube with F1 2023, please let me know. They released the software to some influencers for review.

  • Dave Gaming (German youtuber) played it using a DD1 and one of the formula style wheels. The only thing he mentioned was some stuttering / micro lags, however he also said that those most likely will be resolved and that it's just a problem with the preview built (which was at that point most likely already several weeks old).

    Marcel Kiefer is also using a DD1 while playing the game, but other than the videos of Dave Gaming, he recorded them in English.

  • Judging by all the GLARINGLY OBVIOUS bugs and "RED FLAG FEATURE" completely broken, I would be surprised if ANYONE beta tested the game!

  • AMEN!!!

    I really doubt they tested anythig... probably they are now, while preparring the first patch...

    I thing that this is the reasoning EA applies is 'Why pay for beta testers when you can use your PAYING customers like beta testers...?'

    F***ing SCAMMERS.

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