Canada / Quebec Delivery


I've done some research on about the delivery time with Fanatec to Canada/Quebec and post about it are kinda old. I would like to know today, are the delay still the same as they were?

Also, my products I've ordered are in custom clearance since May 27 (I've ordered on May 26) so it has been a week since it's on that step. Is it normal? Should I contact USPS?

Thanks for answer ! :)


  • Following my post, sometimes, on the USPS tracking website it switch between two states (Check the images as attach folder) and not only that, the hours of these process changes too. When it happens, it switch from "Customs Clearance" to "Into Customs" . If I wait like five minutes and reload the page, it go back to "Customs CLearance". Noticing that the date stay the same wich is May 27th.

  • I don't know what to say. Today, I recieved my first piece (Steering wheel) of all 6. The 5 others, are still stuck in Custom Clearance.... Love that... Hope they get out soon

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