Steering wheel LEDs doesn't load by default on iRacing


I have configured my wheel LED(CSL Steering Wheel BMW) with fanalab and I'm facing a problem with iRacing, in order to make the lights work correctly in game I must each time I join a game:

  1. "Disable FanaLab's Game LED" by checking "Use wheel shift indicator".
  2. Load the Game Profile in FanaLabs.
  3. Join the session and rev the car until the Leds wrongly is displayed on the wheel.
  4. "Enable FanaLab's Game LED" by unchecking "Use wheel shift indicator".

I feel the espected behaviour should be that the configuration is applied by default to the cars. I feel if I were doing something wrong the lights would display after following this steps consistently.


  • CSL DD
  • CSL Steering Wheel BMW


  • Fanalab V1.69.7
  • PC Driver 451


  • Have you managed to work it out yet? I have the exact same issue, same equipment, same drivers. Do you use SimHub? Could that be interfering?

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