Is it safe to tighten the csl dd clamp as much as hard as I can?

Even with the csl dd clamp tightened a decent amount, there is a good amount of flex. I understand that this is a common complaint, but I was wondering if there is any danger in tightening as much as I can with the extra grip knob?


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    Are you talking about the desk clamp or the shaft clamp?

    Over tightening any bolt will cause issues - stripped threads, stretched bolts or even snapped bolts are all entirely possible with hand tools.

  • in germany there is a proverb which answers the question quite well... nach fest kommt ab

    Every bolt has its limits

  • Is Fanatec ever going to address this issue with a permanent solution for it's many frustrated customers? This is such a TERRIBLE design on what is supposed to be a quality product. The clamp DOES NOT WORK and it's unconscionable to ask customers to constantly loosen and retighten the poorly designed clamp just in order to keep the base from shutting down. Please take your head out of the sand and do the right thing!

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    Das Thema mit der Schreibtischklemme hab ich auch noch mal als Verbesserungswunsch eingereicht. Bin jetzt aber hingegangen und habe die Klemme wieder verkauft und mir eine Tischklemme für die MOZA R9 gekauft. Da passt die DD mit etwas längeren Schrauben für die Nutensteine drauf, hält am Schreibtisch bombenfest und lässt sich auch von der Neigung einstellen.

  • If you ever decide to get a torque wrench, the U-Clamp gets tightened to 10NM.

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