DD Pro 'Controller Disconnected'

Randomly getting 'Controller disconnected' during races.

It might not happen for days and days, then will happen muliple times within minutes.

I can press the PS button, reassign the controller and then un pause the game.

It never loses power.

All setup on a solid rig.

Cables seem fine and no movement.

Have tried multiple USB ports on PS5 and still happening.


  • Stephen JayStephen Jay Member
    edited July 2023

    Are you using the supplied USB cable or an extension one? Also have you checked that the shaft is seated properly?

  • Sounds to me like grounding/ EMI issues. There are a few threads here on this forum detailing things you can try to properly ground and/ or isolate your rig.

  • GT DD User farr off from support coverage, so I have needed to fix my own issues, here are the possible culprit for your problem:

    • Does the issue happens during High FFB moments, like braking or fast corner?

    R/ A. If your using a QR Lite (plastic), then you have play in the wheel slot and the motor shaft and the QR notch, add some duct tape to the QR notch to secure the inserted wheel and getting rid of the play.

    B. If your using the metal QR1, then use the screw bolt to secure the wheel to the motor shaft.

    • Does it happend at any given moment?

    R/ A. Is  shaft is seated properly? --> follow the video sent before

    B. is the USB cable passing over/under/near any electric cable? --> make sure no electric cable is near the USB cable

    C. Are you using a USB Hub? --> connect the base directly to your PC/console, and if your connecting directly to it, then change USB port

    D. EMI issues --> if the base power cable and the USB cable are near one to the another one, the the USB cable can pickup EMI noise and affect the signal, thy insulating the power cables using tin foil paper

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