CSL Load Cell BRF not saving in Tuning Menu

How do I get the different setup slots to save a BRF setting. Every time I power the unit up the BRF has reset. Firmware manager is saying everything is up to date. Any solution for this?


  • Which driver are you using with which firmware?

  • Glen StroudGlen Stroud Member
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    Says PC Mode, PC Driver 451


    Wheel Base:

    Wheel Base Motor:

    Wireless QR:

    Pedals: 1.8

    I've tried with direct usb connection, and connecting the load cell brake to the csl dd. Don't know if it should make a difference. Just received everything a couple weeks ago so it's all new to me.

    Should add, if I click on the Pedals via Base, or USB, the setting stays, but not in the Tuning Section. Correction, that's if the brake is connected to the hub, there is no tuning the brf per preset when connected through usb, only if connected through the dd hub.

  • Sorted itself out. I hit the reset button in the Tuning Menu. Rebooted the computer, cycled powered on the wheel base, and it's fine again. It was odd, because not only wasn't it saving the brf setting, it was defaulting to 40, instead of 50.

  • Glen StroudGlen Stroud Member
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    Actually, no it's not sorted out. When I shut down last night my BRF was set at 65, today when I power up the BRF is at 40, and that's on both the Tuning page Preset 1, and the Pedal Via Base page. What is changing it, or better yet, why isn't it saving the setting?

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    Actually it turned out its a (known) issue of the most recent frmware that BRF is not saving but resets after a base restart.

    Nothing you can do for now other than waiting for a fix in an upcoming new firmware.

  • Ah ok, thank you for the feedback. Question, what is CBP?

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