GT7 - What high end Fanatec setup better than Logitech PRO is compatible with PS5?

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I'm playing GT7 on PS5 and PSVR2. I'm building a sim rig from scratch. What higher end steering wheel base, wheel, pedals, and shifter are compatible with the PS5? I can't seem to find anything that is better than the Logitech PRO racing wheel. Any thoughts? I'll mostly be playing GT7 and F1 titles. Thanks in advance.


  • The (discontinued) Podium Racing Wheel F1 Bundle.

  • Lol, so good they decided to no longer sell it. Welcome to Fanatec logic.

  • ?

    The Podium Racing Wheel F1 Bundle IS better than the Logitech PRO racing wheel, which is what the OP asked.

  • Maurice - it is discontinued. But thanks for illustrating my point about the lack of logic, appreciated!

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    Gary - he can still buy it used to get a better wheel than the Logitech PRO racing wheel. He didn't asked for products available as "new" on the market, he just asked for "what is better" and the P RW F1 IS better.

  • Okay, good advice, thank you. I may look for a used one. In case I want to purchase new hardware, does Fanatec currently offer anything better than the Logitech PRO? What about Thrustmaster?

  • I like the way people are saying Logitech is better than Fanatec, is that because of the extra Nm over the CSL DD/ DD Pro or the trueforce? Asking because someone on GTPlanet switched to a DD Pro from the Logi G Pro because of 2 faulty units. I asked him how they compare performance wise and he said this...

    "I prefer the Fanatec - there are more settings to tweak the FFB to taste. Trueforce was nice on the Logi but I had it turned down low as it took away the true FFB feeling - I don't feel I am missing out on anything with the Fanatec and for some reason I get more FFB detail / fidelity on the GT DD Pro. I also prefer the V2 pedals over the Logi Pro pedals - especially the braking, I am more precise and have better control with the V2.

    The other good thing for Fanatec is the steering wheels - I love the McL GT3 and CS RS - QR could be improved though but not had any issues thus far as they both have the metal QR1 and I use the screw to secure. I also find the steering is more precise on my Fanatec - even with the 320mm CS RS rim."

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