LC Brake Pedal Threshold - how to set this up?

Hi all, just got my LC and I already know it's too stiff and had virtually 0 travel. I can fix that.

But one thing that really surprised me is that there seems to be no noticeable threshold point. What I mean is:

I currently use a set of modded G29 pedals. When I hit the brake, up to about 75% of the pressure I have a lighter spring weight. Then I hit a noticeable wall where my where I hit a rubber stump inserted into the spring.

From here on I need to pressure harder and can modulate around the 75% threshold. This makes for really consistent and pressure/muscle memory based braking.

I thought this is how all LC pedals worked: a noticeable threshold point where you know you've hit that certain percentage of pressure and then you modulate around that.

I was surprised that the Fanatec LC is just one simple linear pushdown with no indication whatsoever bar your muscle memory.

I understand I will develop that memory, as I have for my previous sets of pedals. But the noticeable threshold/wall, the haptic feedback I get from it, has taken my braking to the next level in terms of consistency. I really expected the Fanatec pedals to have this. I do know what other pedal sets feature it from online reviews.

I can go back to using foam washers and rubber stumps to reproduce what I currently have, but that's not the point of upgrading!

Has anyone found a solution or addressed the same problem? Any tips?

P.S.: I know that 3DRap do custom washers, I've used them before on the G29. But are there any solutions for the threshold/haptic feedback when hitting a certain % of pressure?

Thanks all :)



  • Hy Chris...

    I have the same pedals since two years... and i know what u mean :D

    i was drive the g29 same as you, and i have give it to a friend after the fanatec upgrade...

    With the g29 pedals can i brake very much later and harder... I don't get that much pressure on the fanatec pedals,

    and when i think i use more pressure... blocking the wheels directly^^

    when i use a softer setting, then is this better but then i have no feeling with 20% brake or so^^

    no solution for you sry :/

    The dampers also get softer over time, and then u have to train ur pressure every new^^ i dont know...

  • I think I have found at least an intermediate solution, works fine after a couple of quick test laps:

    I took out 2 of the plastic washers, only left the first and last one. That means there is a little more range of movement. Then I added in the G29 spring between the first and last washers. It fits around the rubbery resistance pieces. This means that the added range of movement is now only controlled by the spring.

    Hence: the first 40% of the pressue is spring based, then I hit the threshold where I start to press down on the rubber. It gets much harder to press.

    So: I have solid haptic feedback as a reference point and I can modulate around that reference point.

    Some tweaking to brake strength in the pedals menu and it's pretty close to what I had before.

    For now I'm happy, t least it's a start. Now to see if I can get some decent latpimes out of it ...



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