How do I disable automatic pedal calibration??


I have a used set of CSR Elite pedals someone gave me and I have an obnoxious problem I am pulling my hair out over. I've used plenty of odd controllers with windows, but I have never experienced anything this ignorant.

There is no way to set the maximum pedal travel settings, ADC value, encoder count, whatever it is, instead they seem to automatically calibrate to the highest reading they have ever seen. This would be fine, except the pedals are not the best quality (plastic gears, plastic bowing linkage, etc) and so it is entirely possible to get readings that are too high at complete random.

As an example, I am trying to play a game that will not allow shifting at all unless the clutch is depressed 100%. Normally this is fine, till the pedals see some inconsistent reading and then qualify that as the new 100%. After this happens, you have to stomp the pedals so hard as to be afraid to break them to be able to shift in the game. You can do the same thing with the throttle, hit it too hard one time and now you are stuck trying to finish a race with 80% throttle now being the max you can get.

Why, where or how do I disable this ignorant automatic calibration nonsense? Does new fanatec hardware operate the same way? Please let me know so I can avoid any other fanatec hardware like the plague.

In advance, there are zero windows settings to control this. It is 100% in the hardware of the pedals.


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    i'm still waiting my product so i not have any experience with they stuff.

    but i think there is one plus side with automatic calibration, you pedal most likely work always correctly.

    even worse would be if you pedal works only 99% and you start thinking why i'm soo damn slow at race track.

    as im game moder, i seen this stuff before. even if you see that bar hit the 100% you still may have some small digits issues. probably that is also why they choose make auto calibration for they product

  • i not see any automatic calibration at csl series, maybe they other products have this, or they have been changed that long time ago, also i not have this feeling that would brake anything.

    that is my first experience with this. dunno what future shows

  • You clearly don't understand the issue. The pedals do not always work correctly, Can you even read?

    The future holds anything but fanatec hardware for me if this cannot be fixed.,,

  • With such a rude tone I think you wont be getting much help here...

  • Oh no, whatever will I do?! People with no experience, no hardware, no reading comprehension, and indecipherable grammar won't "help" me?!?!

    I've searched for quite some time, I am 99.9% sure there is no fix other than replacing the pedals with something that isn't total trash.

    I'll probably just cut the garbage fanatec controller out, then replace the thing with a teensy microcontroller and whetstone bridge amplifier.

  • You are wondering why no one will help you with an attitude like that? for a set of discontinued pedals?? come on...

    The newer fanatec pedals work fine - can either set auto calibration, or manually set min/max values. Theres your answer

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