Added a Load Cell to my GT DD Pro setup, then no pedals work.

I've seen this, or a variation of this in a few places - but no one seems to have a fix for it. I am trying to log a support call, but the 'support' option for my products don't show. I've logged a support ticket for that too. sigh

So, started with a completely working solution, all firmware up to date (and checked), plugged the Pedal in using the instructions, and YouTube video - but neither the added loadcell, or other pedals are recognised by the PS5 or Fanatec software on the PC. To answer the usual questions:

  • USB cable isn't plugged into the Load Cell whist connected via the wheel
  • Then plugging Load Cell directly into the PC (and not the Wheel Base), it is visible and working in the Fanatec Control Panel (Pedal registers pressure etc)
  • CSL pedals (without Load Cell) work fine
  • CSL pedals and Load Cell DO NOT work when connected together via the wheel base (with correct cable paths)

This has been reported a number of time, with no solution. People have mentioned that they have contacted support, but no solution has been given. I am trying my luck here whilst I want for Support to allow me to raise my own support ticket.

If anyone actually has a solution for this, I would be very grateful to hear it.


  • John HarrisJohn Harris Member
    edited August 24

    As an update -

    As I managed to get a ticket opened with support, I began making a video to show the connections and the fault. I plugged everything in and showed which cables I plugged in where - started to work. However, as I was dumfounded as to why it was working, I could smell the unmistakable odour of hot/burning electronics. It was coming from the black box at the front of the Load Cell pedal. I quickly unplugged everything and scratched my head for a while.

    Convinced I'd broken it for good, I plugged it in one more time to see - and it continued to work (no return of the smell) and is still working.

    No idea what's happening - but support are looking into it. At the's working, and I love it. Let's hope that lasts.

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