Brake pedal only worked the first day. (CSL Elite V2)


I purchased the CSL Elite V2 + CSL DD 8NM base.

Received and tested it Monday night. No problem at all.

Next morning the brake pedal did not work/register on the Fanatec Control Panel or any game. Clutch and gas are ok. All drivers/firmware are up to date (but I don't know if they were up to date when it was working).

Things I've tried:

  • Connect to "wheel base via RJ12" vs "USB to computer"
  • Connect and disconnect every cable several times
  • All wires seem ok and nothing is nipped or looks out of place
  • Uninstall and reinstall everything (with reboots in between)
  • Re-Install Windows 11. It's a new computer so no big deal.

I'm desperate and out of ideas. Any other suggestion?

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