Shifter v1.5 stopped working completely.

I bought full fanatec set

GT DD PRO wheel base


Shifter v1.5

It was working without problems for around 8-9 months. Then I've got a problem with miss shifts, and later it stopped working completely. So Fanatec Control Panel doesn't recognize shifts as well as switching to sequential mode or back to H-shift.

I already tried to add a tape to PCB -> no luck

I bought Clubsport USB Adapter RJ12 -> USB -> no luck.

I don't know what I can do with it, and I am not eager to spend more 300$ on a new shifter, any ideas how I can fix it? Or understand what is the problem?


  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
    edited August 18

    there is some talk about static electric what could be cause off this.

    some say that by only open and close again the sifter could fix this issue.

    be careful tho if you plan todo something like this self ,there is tight cable build in what could be damaged.

    it sounds like this device needs be grounded for avoid this specific issue.

    worst scenario could be that this static electric could damage electronics what is inside.

    another thing could be that your black cable is dead

  • I tried different RJ12 -> RJ12 original Fanatec cable -> it doesn't work

    I bought RJ12 -> USB Fanatec Adapter -> it doesn't work.

  • when miss shifts start happened to you was able fix that issue? as that is warning sight for static electricity.

    anyway to your warranty expired already? as i understand by default every product should have 2 year warranty and some more expensive ones have 3 or even 5

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