Fanatec ClubSport Handbrake V1.5 not shown as an axis in games

I just bought a used Fanatec handbrake, which seems to work correctly in the Fanatec Control Panel. It is an axis, and it calibrates correctly. But in the games and in Windows game controller settings it seems to be a button, which is stuck in 50% and goes 100% when only slightly touching the handbrake. So hardware looks like ok, but something goes wrong in software I guess.

The handbrake is connected straight to the CSL Elite PS4 base. I have reinstalled the latest drivers (451), and I also updated the wheel base firmware to the latest one. I have Windows 11.

Any idea what's wrong?


  • Problem solved!

    I just calibrated the wheel in the Windows game controller settings, and the handbrake started working as an axis. Quite easy fix but that's life 😁

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