I have the CSL Elite and I hate the break pedal

This may come as a shock, but I play mech games and star fighters not driving. As such the break pedal being "full immersion" (by being resistant and squishy), is useless and hard to get to respond. So, I wanted to get a spring pedal gas/clutch in that slot, but when I bought another pedal to put in it's place it didn't work.

Is there a version of the break pedal that just uses a spring?

Any other suggestions?


  • just buy a spring then?

  • You measure the diameter of the elastomers and the total length and buy a yellow or blue flat Chinese spring. Yellow is softer one kind. Or you can buy 2 half lengths to better adjust the stroke.

    Then adjust the brake force so that you get maximum force when the spring is fully compressed.

    This is an example with a different pedal than yours, but the operation is the same.

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