PS5 - Fanatec Elite Base+ - Zero FF


I have the Fanatec CSL Elite PS4/5

 - FW: 684

I use a PS5 console

I get zero force feedback in Gran Turismo 7.

Settings I have as suggested by Fanatec, have also tried others. Settings in GT7:

Countersteering assistance: OFF

Force Feedback: 5 (Have also tried 10)

I get zero force feednack

In other games like AS the force feedback is fully on.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you


  • First thing you should do is updating your ancient old Firmware on a Windows PC, maybe then your issue will be fixed already.

  • Okay, I now have the latest one for the base.

    Version 692

    No difference, zero force feedback.

  • Is the base in the correct blue mode and assigned to your playstation account by pressing the PS button on the wheel?

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