ClubSport Pedals V3 vs CSL Elite Pedals V2

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Hi Guys !

I play Gran Turismo 7 on PS5.

I don't need clutch pedal, only throttle and break.

I wondering if its better to buy a CS Pedals V3 or CSL Elite Pedals V2.

I think the V3 is good but a little bit old, CSL Elite more recent....

Can someone advise me ?

Thank you for your answer,



  • On various boards, a lot of people find the V2 to be the choice - cheaper, newer design, easier to adjust the brake elastomers for different pressures on the load cell. The V3 has been around for a while. I had a set for years, was happy w them, then went to the V3 inverted last year (great Black Friday deal).

    I think the V3 has a really nice clutch action and a bit more of a road car feel on the standard brake insert, along with the dampers works well for me. You can tune the elastomers on the V3 but its a hassle - much easier on the V2.

    I drive a lot of the manual trans classics in GT7 and I really like the immersion with the V3i. A V3 replacement has been speculated but they’re still a solid option, however the V2 is probably the better choice at the moment based on not caring about the clutch

  • MeryllMeryll Member

    Thank you for your detailed response.

    I think, and you made me decide, that I'm going to take the v2 to replace my 2017 csl elite pedals;

    The immersion must be really nice with the v3 inverted. My last daily was on the suzuka with a honda RA272. I like this circuit a lot and I was surprised to like this old F1 with manual gearbox. I thought it could be nice to change gears the old fashioned way...

    See you soon,


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