Load Cell Has No Pedal Movement

I've connected the load cell pedal to the computer via USB, updated the firmware to v 1.8 for the pedals, but there is absolutely no movement in the load cell pedal no matter what brake force setting I use. Anyone one have any idea what is going on?



  • Stephen JayStephen Jay Member
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    What do you mean by no movement? Do you mean actual pedal travel or no input registering in the Fanatec control panel?

  • There is no pedal travel. Maybe a millimeter or so. When doing that it does register in the Fanatec control panel as being pressed.

  • you message is not totally clear but

    load cell i think by default have 60kg force, user may not use to it and may need change that force for weaker

  • That's normal, mine was stiff as when I first got it. The elastomers do soften up over time but you need to have the BRF set as high as possible to use it properly. You could look at a replacement elastomer from 3drap which I used for a while, but it started to feel to soft so I went back to the original ones. I use mine at 90% BRf and it feels great now.

  • You just have to learn how to use it.

    The question is, "why did you buy a load cell brake pedal?".

    I guess the answer is something like "because all the best simracers recommend a load cell brake".

    So now you're complaining that it doesn't look like an old potentiometer brake or Hall sensor at all.

    In fact, if it were the same, it couldn't be better.

  • I have been using the previous version of the load cell pedal for a long time. I just set up a 2nd sim rig and wanted to add the load cell pedal to it as well so both machine would feel the same.

    Stepping down on the pedal with all the strength in my leg doesn't move the pedal at all, that is not normal.

  • You're talking about CSL Pedals, right? Not CSL Elite V2? As there is no previous version of CSL Pedals, and each pedalboard has a different feel.

    The CSL Pedal LC pedal has no replacement elastomer, and the stock ones are extremely stiff. It's a well-known issue. So it would have been really very difficult to find the same feeling of your other pedals, if no type of customization is foreseen.

    It is possible to fit aftermarket elastomers or even springs in place of the elastomers, at a reasonable price.

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