Fanatec V3 Chassis Strength


I have an issue with V3 pedals. When you use extra stiff sponges in brake pedal, I realized a clicking feeling arises in the pedal. I checked all screws and it didn't fixed the issue.

I think the problem is that I use pedal extension in order to increase the pedal angle, because I don't have adjustable stand, I needed to increase pedal extensions.

Anyway, these extensions increases torque power made to V3 Chassis, so Chassis cannot handle that power.

For a workaround, I decreased brake force.

For a permanent solution I will add additional holders in back of brake pedal stick. Pedal chassis are build by 2 thick cylinderical sticks, these are connected by side metal legs. I guess these 2 sticks are not very stiff, in the middle of them, there is no support(except additional connector between them, but it does not have any floor support). I guess this pedal need additional floor leg in middle of pack of the pedal, which may increase chassis strength.


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    Hi Yaman, I agree and experiencing the same with my V3. Hard elastomer setting causes V3 to "creak/click" when using.

    I haven't fixed or attempted to resolve this yet, but can you check if your pedal "clicks" when you push the areas noted below?

    I noticed it more so on mine when blue arrow area is pressed one side to another. Assuming this is the culprit, I can only think of loosening it and lubricating all contact points, just a thought.

    Let us know if you've found a solution or a fix.

    Otherwise hopefully V4 is in the works :-)

  • Hello Tae,

    I tested my pedals for the noises and found out that when I press heel plate, noises are getting lower or gone.

    I saw some ppl has similar problems and actual problem was plate touching metal body and creates this noises.

    I removed the plate (WATCH OUT: because screws are aluminium, they are likely to brake and they are hard to remove, I sprayed WD40 before removing them. And slowly turn L Allen key. And they are removed without any problem.)

    I put some furniture paddings to touching points as in the picture. (These are actually overkill, some do not touch anywhere) I guess it solved the problem. I am gonna test it further.


    Hello all,

    I was wrong about the plate or Chassis of the V3 pedal. Someone told me that if you do not torque enough the screws of the pedals to the rig, these noises happens. I screwed them hard, now there is no crack noises.

    İn the end, You don't have to do those paddings I had shared before.

    Take care all.

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