V3 Throttle pedal issue

Hello all,

I'm having a issue with my V3 throttle pedal. About a week ago I booted up the PC, loaded into a iRacing session & my throttle pedal was completely off the correct setting. While in iRacing & BeamNG, I press down on the throttle about 25% & each vehicle hits the rev limiter. Its quite annoying & has thrown me off in my racing trying to re-adjust to it. Every vehicle on the service does it.

This is the list of things I've already tried...

  • Re-Calibrated pedals in iRacing multiple times
  • Re-calibrated pedals in Fanatec Control Panel
  • Took apart & cleaned the sensor & made sure no dust or debris was on sensor or pedals.
  • Downgraded to a older driver
  • Removed & Re-installed FCP & drivers
  • Switched USB slots on PC

I've had this issue for about a week and have gave up on trying to diagnose the problem on my own. I need some help!


  • what makes me fonder how this even possible, i mean iracing sees that you push only 25% but he still kives you full rev

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