Don't ever buy anything from Fanatec

I bought a bundle late August. The wheel base was straightaway defective and, after a few days / weeks waiting for the support to help me, I had to send everything back. As I did not want to wait anymore, I asked for a refund (they finally accepted after 3 times faking they did not see my question).

Now they claim I did not send the whole package, which is clearly a lie, and put my ticket on hold until I send the missing part (that I don't have anymore obviously).

I guess I'm screwed by the worst company in simracing, lesson learned for me.

Please if you consider buying from them, DON'T !


  • I'm sorry for you, I understand you because I also suffered the same treatment, two years ago. I hope they give you a full refund so you can buy from another manufacturer.

    "The universe" is sending loud warnings to all Fanatec buyers, but only very few have listened to them and asked for a refund. The others are all just waiting for Fanatec to send them something, and continue to buy.

    And this makes me not very confident that anything will change for this company's customers.

    For my part, I have working equipment that I have no intention of expanding. When the time comes to upgrade, I really don't think Fanatec will be one of the options. Fortunately today, there is no shortage of alternatives.

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    I personnally bought an Asetek La Prima bundle instead. Although a little more expensive, I'm 100% happy with it and the extra-money is completely worth the absence of "Fanatec drama". I guess the quality is also better but I cannot say as my Fanatec wheel never worked so I cannot compare 🤡

  • I regret ordering from Fanatec, there a joke, if and when my order comes ill be selling it on as im going moza

  • I was about ready to order a new Clubsport DD+ and I’m definitely re-thinking. I’m sitting on Driver 451 with a CSL DD and McClaren GT-3 and everything is current and is working. The Issue is I just bought a Clubsport RS wheel which will not firmware update on any version of the drivers. Nothing will update for driver 452. I’ve done a ton of things to get things working right, nothing works. Fanatec does not respond and I’m sure if I have to send the wheel back it will be two packages on my dime vs. the one package I paid for and I should not have to pay anything for defective crap. They don’t seem to get it! I basically like their stuff but it’s too buggy with really very little support. If I get things fixed it’s going to be time to move on to a different manufacturer.

  • Found the issue. I had to use another machine to get things to work… so it is a fix option. It went right in with a Windows 10 vs not working with 11. So not as irritated with Fanatec now, but they could be more responsive. These do seem like things you have to deal with so be prepared to dig for answers sometimes.

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