Charged twice for cancelled order!

Hi, I pre-ordered the new DD+ last week and for some reason had two pending charges each for £751.32 appear on my visa account.

i then decided to cancel the pre-order, it showed on my order page as cancelled, then this morning both charges have been taken by fanatec, and my account is now £1500 down.

It seems the only way to contact fanatec about this is by web message which is estimated to take over two weeks before being answered, this is totally unacceptable!

If there is any fanatec employee here that can look into this and pass it up the line then please do so.


  • They are quite efficient at taking money, not so good after that.

  • They’re not going to refund your money. Cancelled orders have not been refunded for months. Get in contact with your bank and send them as many screenshots of disgruntled customers to give them an indication of how dire the situation is

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