Fanatec issues in 2023

This is crazy for a company to act like this, I've ordered my stuff and have a "completely shipped" status. I have no tracking and in the US the company is basically non existent when replying to me. Idk how you guys deal with this is Europe, but im really ready to take legal action against them, this is absurd to be spending copies amounts of money and not knowing where that money went essentially, they need to fix this. has anyone tried legal action against this company? Also I see UPS everywhere but it's telling me Fedex and haven't received anything from them either. Why have a working phone number in the US if no one is on the other side of it.


  • Honestly legal action might be the only way they actually start to get their act together and start providing a little bit of customer service.

  • Fanatec US shipping is based in La Mirada, CA.

    The office there is a small non-discript place in a strip warehouse/office complex with no name to let you know it is Fanatec.

    They do not do their own actual shipping as they use a third party warehouse/shipper (some import/export company) to actually pull and ship the products.

    I know this because I live a few miles away from them in So Cal and went looking for them a while back.

    Fanatec emails you that the order has completely shipped meaning they have processed your order (taken your money) and sent the order request over to the warehouse/shipper to pull and ship.

    The warehouse/shipper is not Fanatec and thus works on their own schedule.

    When the warehouse/shipper finally decides to fulfill and ship the order, they generate the shipping labels/tracking number(s) and send those back to Fanatec, then Fanatec updates your order with the tracking.

    SO, if you have not seen the tracking yet, your order is still with the warehouse/shipper waiting to be fulfilled.

    It might even just show up without ever getting a tracking number as I have had that happen to me before.

    Funny thing is, this is nothing new. Fanatec has always had borderline/horrific customer service for as long as the Fanatec name has been around.

    It is the number one complaint about the company.

  • Fanatec has always had borderline/horrible customer service, because this is a cost, also and above all for the customer. Fanatec is a German company, which in its field has lower prices than its Chinese competition. In no field of trade does a German brand have lower prices than its cheap Chinese copies.

    The vast majority of Fanatec customers will never need assistance, or warranty. It's an extra price that people are happy to save, simply thinking that these horror stories only concern other people. For the average customer, Fanatec will always remain the best option, and even after this mess, Fanatec sales will not drop.

    Furthermore, some of the people writing here now placed their order despite already being well aware of the company's current logistical situation. They took a risk hoping that they would be among the majority of customers who had no problems with their Fanatec orders.

  • Been experiencing the same problem but I think I see the problem now. My order is stuck because the qr1 isn't available. I ordered a steering wheel and it comes with the FREE qr1. But this qr1 isn't available until 21 of March. This explains the huge delays. And if you don't look closely you won't even know what's going on. Nevertheless the customer support is so slow... But the orders should ship fast when everything is available.

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