Order to Iceland

I ordered the Ready2ride set October 6. The parcel has been sent. But after a week it was returned to the sender.

Fanatec picked up the packages on October 20 and I have no information.

The problem is that I live in Grindavik in Iceland. On October 11, at night, the entire city was evacuated due to the threat of a volcanic eruption. So far, no one has returned to their homes and we don't know when we will return.

UPS is aware of this situation and that may be why the package was returned. But I have not received any information from UPS or Fanatec.

I wrote to Fanatec that in such circumstances I want to cancel my order because I don't know when I will return home.

From what I read on the forum, people wait weeks or months for an answer.

This is extremely irritating and I'm not surprised that people prefer to buy things from other companies, because such contact with the customer is unacceptable. They only lose their image.

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