When i will get my order (1788314)

I made an order on the 11th of Nov. 2023 "Order number: 1788314"

I got the (3) three tracking numbers of my order since they are sending the order in many packages on the 22nd of nov.

I tacked the order on UPS so they are saying that the shipped created the label but UPS has not recieved the package yet.

Today is 29th of nov. so tacking in the account the famouse 7 days of delay which fanatec issued recently, my order should be already shipped 

I sendtun email but as everybody i got just nothing while FANATEC they already got my "MONEY"

I'm not asking too much i just wana un "Approximate delivery date" like in o week or even in a month, i seeking only for an answer it's a simple and a basic request.

Hope the old gods will hear me and make my wish became true .


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