Tracking Number for 11 Business Days, USPS Still Awaiting Item


I had a tracking number generated on November 17th. USPS still awaits the item and told me to contact the shipping partner.

I emailed Fanatec last Friday; I'm guessing it will be a bit until I hear back from them.

I am receiving the item from their United States warehouse, but I find it odd that a tracking number has been created, but USPS has received nothing. From what I've read, once you get a tracking number, it has left Fanatec's warehouse.

Has anyone had something similar happen? Do I wait, or is this tracking number incorrect?



  • After reading other discussions, I realize this is the new norm. I will wait to see what Fanatec says.

  • Dustin GDustin G Member
    edited November 2023

    I’m guessing it’s stuck at label created, so tracking number but still at the warehouse.

    i have the shifter, label created, serial number added to my products, but still not moved past just label created.

    And now informed being returned to sender as incomplete export paperwork

  • Wow, that sucks. So now your warranty period has started too.

  • "Wow, that sucks. So now your warranty period has started too."

    When situations like this have occurred in the past, Fanatec have done the right thing and adjusted the warranty period to start from the correct time (upon the package's date of receipt, not its shipped date). I had it happen to me two years ago when I bought my CSL DD, and after contacting them about it, they updated the dates shown in the My Products page.

    Granted, this will likely take a lot longer than it should if you contact them now, given the current customer service/ support shitshow, but at least this particular issue is not something you should worry about. 

  • Yeah I’m confident warranty will be adjusted.

    its more the hassle of making contact, telling fanatec I still want the item and that will take a few weeks sooooooo with holidays coming. Maybe see it in the new year lol

  • Im in the same boat. It took a week for the multiple labels to be created and now its sitting and USPS doesnt have it.

    Logistically its pretty poor...

  • Yup, and their copy-paste email reply really puts my mind at ease ;)

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