Ordered in August and still waiting for parcel

I first put my order through on the 22nd of August. First parcel got returned to sender due to incorrect export documents (UK based) in September then a replacement order was created, which never moved from "Label Created" on the UPS tracking.

Most recently a third replacement order was created for me on the 17th of Novemeber and I received a UPS tracking number on the 20th but its now the 30th and nothing has changed, still stuck on "Label Created". Are fanatec still messing up UK orders? I'm getting pretty worried that it's just stuck like that and will never move (like their previous attempt at creating my order) .

I'm trying to be as patient as possible but it's been so long and I don't feel like I'm getting any closer to receiving something that I paid for nearly 4 months ago.


  • How far did it get before it got returned to sender?

  • This was the timeline from my initial order back in September

  • Thank you for this and sorry to hear about your troubles. Im hoping this means that should my order get passed hamburg then it wont have this return to sender issue.

  • I'm also UK-based and that's exactly the same thing that just happened with one of my orders, shipped back to sender as it was missing relevant documentation. I could understand it happening to one or two people, but seeing this post suggests it's a bigger issue.

    How does a company charging as much as they do for shipping make the same, simple mistake?!

  • It's the same mistake as has been made on many occasions now which suggests each time it gets fixed it goes wrong again. It's always the same thing as well, the invoice needs to included in a clear holder on the outside of the parcel.

  • Same here as well. Two orders shipped. One seems to have gone thru ok the other is return to sender due to incomplete clearance paperwork.

    (How you mess one up and not the other I don’t know)

    the only thing different I have noticed is that some of my orders invoice’s have an export tariff number and the one returned didn’t.

    a right pain and shouldn’t be happening to so many people. It’s been happening for far too long now.

    hopefully it will all work out in the end and I hope fanatec can get there service up to a scratch as I like what they sell.

  • You’re kidding me. They’re just forgetting a clear holder for the invoice. I mean seriously.

  • I'm in the same situation, I ordered on 2nd september, recently a third replacement order was created for me on the 28th of Novemeber, I don’t understand why. I didn't I receive a tracking number, 2 days after I still waiting. I´d like some compensation !!!!!

  • Tim WorsnopTim Worsnop Member
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    I actually got some movement last night but I'm not sure it's good news just yet.

    The parcel is in a secure facility pending clearance or resolution.


    21:32In Warehouse

    Warehouse Scan

    Hamburg, Germany30/11/2023

    17:56On the Way

    A missing commercial invoice is causing a delay. We are working to obtain this information.

    Hamburg, Germany

    It's absolutely wild that they're still missing off the docs that they assured us they'd sorted after the mess in September. When my first order was returned, I didn't receive the "we are working to obtain this information" part so I've not lost all hope yet but it isn't very promising.

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