Have UPS lost my order

Order placed 10th Nov picked up by UPS on 22 Nov (origin scan) hasnt been scanned since, reached out to fanatec Customer Sevice but no reply, made calls to fanatec at a charge to me being an international number, go through options then tells you hotline is closed, filed claim for lost parcel with UPS, they ask for fanatec contact number but thats useless to UPS as they have shut phone lines to deal with emails, im £1000 lighter with no products and no communication. And i can see it going on forever as UPS wont be able to contact them? What an experience for a first time customer 🤦🏻‍♂️ oh and to top it off my products are now out of stock so even if a replacement was sent id still not receive it for the forseeable future.


  • i hate UPS they are terrible.

    and yes they probably delivered parcel to a wrong address. That’s what they did to me in the past. (Not fanatec goods)

    hope it will get sorted but as you say such a difficult situation to resolve. It’s beyond ridiculous It’s all fingers crossed and hope for the best.

  • Thanks bud, after all the negative stuff ive seem im amazed they are still using UPS, by looks of it its not even been delivered to a wrong address just gone missing from pick up to next point. Posting on here was a last ditch attempt at a Fanatec employee reading and picking up for speedy resolution before i go to credit card company for a chargeback. I feel my chances of this being resolved before xmas are as slim if not slimmer than any of us winning a lottery jackpot 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • You wouldn't by any chance be the Craig I know that used to have an Abarth?

  • Paul JamesPaul James Member
    edited December 2023

    Looks like mine must have been on the same pallet as yours as mine had this which is 2 minutes out from yours '22/11/2023 22:57On the Way, Origin Scan, Hamburg, Germany' and the claim resulted with the same outcome as yours.

    Have you had any update from Fanatec after the reply from James?

  • Hi. Mate, no nothing back. Just a waiting game i suppose. Have you had any contact from fanatec?

  • No, messaged James earlier as well but don't have a lot of hope at the moment, bit of a nightmare really.

  • Wishing you luck mate! A line from a film that seems very relevent "Let's go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for this all to blow over." 🤣

  • Hi Mate, have you had any update or anything off them yet, I've heard nothing, going to give it until the end of the day and claim money back through paypal.

  • Hi dude, nah mate nothing, had shorter cold shoulders from the mrs than this lot have given me, ill be initiating my chargeback through CC company end of play friday if nothing

  • haha... true right there. don't blame you. I emailed them several times and nothing, if they said they won't be here for x amount then fair enough but to totally blank when there is an issue which is unrealted to any of the black friday stuff going on is not the way to keep customers. gtomega has some good deals with the moza stuff, that's when they get them back in stock.

  • Exactly mate, they have more issues than just BF, lost parcels that need replacing like ours, faulty goods that need support, missing items from shipmemts, yet all they bang on about is how inundated the are with BF. Keep me posted kn your chargeback from paypal

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