My Black Friday order is on it's way

For all those waiting for their orders to be delivered, I've got an update which might give you an idea when you might receive them.

I've just received an email from UPS saying my order from 20 November will be delivered to the UK on Tuesday 5 December. The Fanatec website hasn't been updated with my tracking number, I've only got an email from UPS.

By coincidence, yesterday I refused delivery of my order from 15 November, for the standard McLaren, CSL Ready2Race deal. I tried to cancel it when I saw the 8nm deal on Black Friday, but customer service was too late to stop it being sent.

Hope everyone gets their orders soon.


  • Good news for you , I ordered on 21st no tracking information on the fanatec side and nothing from UPS either order status showing completely shipped and I am not in UK I am in Europe so no Customs documents nothing should not take over 3-4 days delivery. Also called UPS to find out if they have any information if there will be packages for me and was said they gan give information only if I have tracking number.

  • The shipping service right now is very bad, I bought the mclaren ready2race pack on 22/11/23 and I am still waiting for the tracking number, they planned everything poorly, what they had to do is maintain the old shipping system until the new one will start and work well

  • BF deal on formula 2.5x order now has been updated today Sunday, with tracking number and serial number in my products.

    now to hope the correct export docs are attached unlike my shifter that was returned to fanatec.

  • Don't hold your breath, I purchased the CSL DD with the McLaren GT3 wheel with WRC additional wheel on the 21st of November and I still do not have a tracking number. The order is still showing "In Process.

  • Quick update, yesterday I received both boxes, although UPS said there was a delay and it was going to be delivered today.

    Hope everyone else gets what they ordered, soon.

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