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So let me explain. I’m very new to fanatec. I recently had a situation where something I ordered was being held up for over a month with no movement.

I complained a bit on the forums and fanatec reached out to me saying they read my post and they’d like to escalate my issue to resolve it asap.

this meant creating a new order for me; club sport shifter, wrc wheel, qr2 lite and table clamp.

ironically, as soon as they created a new order for me, my original package of the same items started to move.

I got my items delivered from the original order a couple of weeks ago.

but the reordered items are due to be delivered today. I emailed fanatec asking them what they wanted me to do with them, I also asked them if they could refund me the price I overpaid on the club shifter as I’d seen it heavily reduced on the Black Friday sale.

got an email today from fanatec asking me to refuse the delivery, which I’ll be happy to do when it arrives.

they also confirmed they’d refund money for my club shifter which is a really nice gesture.

i can only speak from my experiences, I’ve been using their products for only a couple of months, but I couldn’t be happier with my purchase, I’m also happy with how my issues have been resolved.

yes I know, others might feel different, but I can only speak from my experiences, and everyone has a right to share their own stories, the good, the bad or the ugly.

ive got a fairly ordinary desk setup, but as soon as I have space for a proper rig, I’ll defo look to upgrade to a more expensive fanatec setup. I love their products so for me, it’s a brand I’ll happily keep giving money to as long as my experience with them remains positive overall.


  • Employee of the month.

  • Was waiting for the salty comments 😂

  • A happy customer is good to read. I'm sure once people get their gear the feelings of despair and angst will dissipate.


  • Thanks man. Here’s hoping they are resolved soon. Because that aside, fanatec do produce some fantastic products

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    Amazon is a good service because if you order today you will receive the product tomorrow or before the date that they write to you.

    If they have a problem they write immediately to apologize and schedule a new delivery.

    And nowadays most web shops do this!!

    Fanatec write only an automatic mail saying they are too busy to respond to you.

    They take your money immediately and you have to live weeks/months hoping for delivery!!!

    It is unacceptable.

    Fanatec if you want to be the number 1 before you have to be ethically and socially number 1 and you have to put the customer at the center of the business and not the product.

  • Do fanatec/Endor actually own the warehouse or do they outsource to a separate company?.

    I think shipping is handled by a third party given the setup and how it works. Would explain the mess.

  • Quick update. So sent the duplicate goods back to fanatec and can see from ups tracking that they have received them. However, fanatec has gone quiet on me so no refund yet. I’ve sent an email or two and still haven’t heard anything.

    will wait patiently until end of January and see if the situation changes. I certainly won’t buy anything else from them until this issue is resolved.

    somewhat annoyed, not the end of the world though, at least I’m not waiting on a product and I believe I’ll get the money eventually. FYI it’s not a normal refund, it’s money they agreed I could have back having bought the handbrake prior to the BF sale.

  • Fanatec are now refusing to honor their agreement with me and refund the difference in regular cost of the shifter vs. what it cost on the BF sale.

    doesn't get any more dishonest than that.

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