Order is Stuck for Weeks with no Update

Hello, im a bit desperate.

I ordered around 2 Weeks before Black Friday startet.

The Order didnt really move for weeks, so i thought about to cancel it and get some good Black Friday Deals.

At this point the Order moved into a progress so i couldnt cancel it, i felt a bit tricked on that point. I accepted to pay way more then all the other Black Friday orderers, so at least i could get my Stuff earlier.

But it turned out that there are Shipping issues (to Switzerland) because of lacking paper/bills.

Now the Order is stuck for weeks with this Tracking number: 1Z1YF3470450849062

Order: 1789559

It doesnt move at all, and its frustrating to see that Black Friday orderers getting their stuff before me and i paid hell of a lot more for the same stuff...

Im frustrated and not sure what to do... even canceling is not an option anymore. It tells at the Tracking that they had to send it back to Fanatec because of missing paperwork.

please help me out here.

Thank you


  • Dustin GDustin G Member
    edited December 2023

    If it’s lacking export clearance then it will be returned.

    if this happens you need to send fanatec webshop a message with order details asking them to resend the item. You can try phoning but good luck with that.

    then it’s another wait while it gets sorted.

    I would also explain the situation and see if they can come to an agreement, worth a try.

  • i never received any answer for weeks from the webshop. i tried now again.

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