I do not receive the tracking number and the company does not meet the delivery dates

hello everyone

I placed my order on 11/22/23 and three days ago it shows as completely shipped and everything I purchased was available for shipping in 4-7 business days. Today is the ninth business day and I still do not have the tracking number or correct information about when my order will be shipped and on top of that the most embarrassing thing of all is that the shipping payment comes out of our pocket and the company does not respond or only gives priorities at convenience.

I hope everyone's purchases arrive soon.


  • mine showed completely shipped a day after i ordered. It was was all in stock so i thought good.

    It took over a week to even get tracking and now its been sitting with a label created for 3 days.

    Its just really bad service and logistics and really takes any positive note away from the Black friday sale.

  • Same problem. Ordered on the 25th, 27th was marked as "Fully shipped" and now on the 1st, I still have no tracking number. So I'm not really sure what exactly the true status is. Im not sure if it's actually been shipped and the tracking number just isn't populated for some reason, or if something in their procedure/system has caused it to be marked as shipped, but it's not really been shipped yet and is instead just sitting in standby waiting for pickup or something of that nature. I do wonder if due to black friday, they changed their procedure a bit and are trying to ship things in bulk or something and so they have lots of products waiting for shipment. I'm also in the USA if that is relevant.

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    Completely shipped (in fanatecs case) means the order is moved to the warehouse for delivery prep, not that it has been shipped to you.

  • I figured it meant something like this. However, I guess this means it's going to take a while to ship because I placed my order a week ago and it appears to still be prepped i the warehouse but not shipped.

  • Same here, ordered on 24th, completely shipped on 25th and nothing then. Support does not respond. I'm in France.

    Some friends found their package on the street in front of their door without receiving any tracking number.

  • My order is missing, orderd it on 24th of november en now 7 december still nothing, it states deliverd @front desk

    Had contact with UPS but they can not do anything without Track and Trace. Now i have no idea where it is.. getting very frustrated by it

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