When I bought my order it said it was available for February 26, now you go and change the date to March 11 after all the problems with the code, I want it here on February 26 or I will cancel the order


  • You sure that it not only changed in the shop? In my order it was the 26th of Feb before and now it is the 21st of Feb, while in the Shop it is the 24th of March.

    So I guess either way you will get it earlier or in March. You won't get any attention if you threat someone to cancel the order.

    There are plenty other driver out there which will cheer at you if you leave the queue. :D

  • Same here.

    I ordered the DD+ 9th of February with an expected availability date of 26th Feb. and today it changed to 11th of March in My Orders. What is even more interesting is that for new buyers, in the webshop it says 5th of March....

    @Maurice could you please provide information on this sudden delay?

    Thanks a lot!

  • what a joke.

    I ordered it Jan 9th right away as it became available to order again to ensure I get the first batch.

    Now for me it also says 11th of hard can it be to get just one date right.

  • They said all the DD+ for the pre order already at their warehouse and ready to ship before. What ‘s a big lie again….

  • So much "Hot Air" ......... No man, no word.....

  • Hi, the same thing happened to me, the order moved to March 11, from February 26. I am very angry with such behavior.

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