GT DD Pro (5nm) Order Delays? USA

Has anyone heard of a possible delay on orders with the GT DD Pro (5nm) in the US? Its been almost two weeks since it was handed over to warehouse and still haven't gotten an update on shipping and the product showed as available when purchased and still does.


  • I got a email last night at 1:30 am saying shipping label created and handed over to fedex. I got a tracking number, but it haven’t been picked up and I pay for 2 day shipping. So idk.

  • I placed my order for the GT DD Pro (8nm) on Saturday 02/17/2024. The 19th was a holiday so I new it wouldn't be processed till at least the following day, understandably. However, I paid for 2 day shipping, and when I placed my order, it clearly said "Available" in green. I haven't received any communication since Tuesday and I noticed they received payment for my order on the 21st. Now, when I look at the same GT DD Pro (8nm) bundle, it says something to the degree of "pre-order not shipping till March 14th"....

    I saw a Blog Post on Fanatec's site that says they are moving the warehouse from CA to TX this month. Would have been nice to know that. At least pause the sale of items or set the proper expectation ahead of time or heck, a simple email would be great! This is my first Fanatec order ever and after I heard all about the Black Friday fiasco, I thought "nah, they had to have worked that all out by now..."

    Still no tracking info for me. Also, don't bother emailing them about it cause you're just gonna get an automated message outlining their processing timeline. Good Luck, man.

  • Thank you both for your replies. i ordered the product before the announcement of Warehouse move and too your point that would have been good information to know to have a better expectation on when we were going to get the product.

    Update: It looks like FANATEC created a label at 12pm yesterday and the package was picked up and is getting delivered Monday 2/26/2024. So people have information: The order was placed on 2/8/2024 @ 7:36am. Was sent to warehouse the same day at 9:03am and got the label and delivery date on 2/23/2024. In total 16 days to ship for a product that was in stock. I paid for fedex ground.

  • Thanks for the update Antonio, this gives me some hope.

    I ordered the GT DD PRO (8nm) on 2/8/2024 (ground shipping) and then ordered some other gear a week+ later. Everything but the GT DD PRO has shipped and still no tracking for the order at FedEx (been checking daily) so I really appreciate you creating this post & sharing your good news!

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    I ordered GT DD pro on Feb 11th. US shipment. No status from then so far apart from handover to warehouse on Feb 12th. I think they are out of stock but still took the sale. So no idea what can one do in these situations lol.

  • My situation is exactly the same as yours. Exactly the same. I'm from MA

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    Seems like we are all in similar boats, purchased the GT DD Pro on 02/21/2024 in the early morning for 3 day shipping. All i have gotten was the invoice after they took my money. Not a reply email, not a tracking number, nothing. At this point i'm starting to think i'm the insane one for not going to the bank about it already.

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