forza wheel upper right button pod

forza wheel upper right button pod one of the buttons is stuck but does not move in and out.

Was wondering if I can buy a new button pod and install it my self .

I have CSW2.5 with Forza wheel all most 2 years old.


  • CSR Fanatec wheel? The Universal hub with Forza rim? I assume the latter.

    For the UH, you can take it apart somewhat easily, as it's intended to host different rims and the button clusters can be adjusted/swapped/removed. So you can test if it's a button cluster, connection or board issue.

    I can however imagine you'd rather not. In that case you might be better off contacting Fanatec through their chat support or support ticket on the website.

  • Ben WearneBen Wearne Member
    edited December 2021

    Hi Don,

    As Tim mentioned if it's the Forza package with Universal Hub for Xbox then the button pods are designed to be removable, and I think are all interchangable as well. On Xbox the RB/RSB buttons don't do anything from my experience as they're mapped already to the paddles and Xbox interface has limited use of the buttons available, so maybe pop the Xbox specific caps off the pods that don't get used, and swap a pod completely? Should just be a matter of moving the pod, swapping the button caps, and swapping the plugs inside the Hub (see the user manual).

    I'm about to have the same issue I think, the 'A' button on Xbox get's used so much that mine has also nearly lost it's 'click'. The above is my plan when it's dead :)

    Edit update: You don't need all the pods attached btw, just what you want to use. I've only ever run the bottom two pods with the A,B,X,Y, and Window/Menu buttons, and the 'X' funky swich/dial, and have had the upper two pods with the RB/RSB etc removed since I bought it.


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