Show Brake bias, Mclaren GT3 V2 LED, iRacing

In Fanalab V1.57.4.0 it is possible to select "brake bias" in the LED menu.

But when starting iRacing, this function is gray-dimmed in the menu, and is not working.

Is there any function to "override" this?

I would like a function that showed the brake bias in the LED when the value is changed.

Base: CLS DD

Wheel: Mclaren GT3 V2


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    Brake Balance is not supported for that game as the game does not use full values but values with decimal which can not be displayed on the small OLEDs (hence its grayed out) and there is no way to get it working.

    BTW, your Fanalab version is outdated and very old.

  • Thank you for your reply

    I dont understand why decimals cant be shown - When in the settings menu can show i high level of details with very small characters.

    Pixels: 128 x 64

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    Because the Display acts as a 7-Segment-Display which only can show 3 digits. In the driver UI click on OLED Display test to see how the numbers are shown, then I think you will understand the issue.

    Brake Bias is shown with a b in front, so Brake Bias 55 would be shown as b55 and then the whole Display is filled. There is no space for another digit and a 7-Segment-Display also can not show comma or other seperators so it's simply not possible to show a Brake Bias value of for example 55.6

  • HI.

    It is not a 7-segment display.

    It is a OLED with 128x64 pixels.

    It is the "new" version (V2)

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    Well.... Of course it's a OLED with 128x64 Pixels. Even the old v1 version had that, just in blue instead of white.

    But the OLED works as a 7-Segment-Display for Telemetry and only can show 3 digits. It does not work like a regular OLED with free Text implementation.

    That's not even resitricted to FanaLab, also native implementation by games can only use a 7-Segment-style with 3 digits, so 000, 888, 666, etc.

    In its current form its just technically impossible to show anything more and therefore impossible to get Brake Bias shown for iRacing.

    Hope you are now okay with this explanation...

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