Assetto Corsa Competizione PS4 - Recommended settings?



  • Turn on ACC direct from whell, ten go on track until Motors start ruble, then turn off base and turn on. If you have stering whell imput lag solition is update to the newest beta driver, i was looking for best whell performance and I think it is best driver for now

  • Hello everybody. Same here, the rumble motors gets turning as soon as the car starts. Tried to do all the above suggestions with no success. So I ended up disconnecting the wires that feeds the rumble motors. Now I can enjoy ACC but what gives ? Really ! Brand new Podium racing wheel F1 with all the required fw updates, pc 365. Bummer, but at least I can enjoy the game that way.

  • So far, the method of entering the game and then power cycling my wheel base works for me.

  • just tried again

    started ACC with wheel, loaded single race, clicked drive, pressed accelerator, rumble starts with engine rev, higher I rev the more it rumbles.

    turn off wheel and base, turn wheel and base back on, press accelerator, rumble starts as per above.

    turning off and on does nothing to help the issue here.

    now I will just unplug them as Stephane Perry has done above, thanks for the tip fella 👍🏼👍🏼

  • The plugs are easily accessible under the foot rest. Be carefull when you unplug them, dont pull by the wire but by the white plug. Giggle it slowly and they come out easy enough.

  • I don’t know if it makes the difference, but I forgot to mention that I pause the game before I turn off the wheel base. Did you try that?

    I’ve had this working for me consistently for 3 days now.

    Then again, I’m pretty sure this issue doesn’t represent the game working correctly, so it’s not a surprise that any hack style work around that shouldn’t be necessary in the first place doesn’t work consistently for every user.

  • Managed to disconnect them, was a tad too fiddly for my sausage fingers so I used a little electrical screwdriver, slid in between top and bottom of connection and twist.

    Much better, just tweaking the FF now.

    does anyone actually get any usable feedback from the rumble motors when racing ?

  • I may find the reason out about why both updating latest(V365) driver and recycling wheel base power don't work for you. It may be related to BLI setting in wheel base. If I turn off BLI the rumble motors start vibration continuously. After setting BLI as 100 value the rumble motors stop vibration. Hence you may stop to vibrate the rumble motors with V365 driver and setting BLI to any other value but not off.

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